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Methuen deserves a Mayor who puts our city first. Help us get that leader:

neil's vision

Rebuilding a sense of community

 He’s committed to listening to everyone, to establishing trust between our local government and the citizens of the community, and to building public...

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Maximizing the potential of every student

Neil will work with Methuen’s teachers, school administrators, and families to provide every student the opportunities and support that will allow them to reach their full potential...

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Creating a sustainable future

 Clean air and water, welcoming public green spaces, and efficient energy utilization are all important parts of building a strong and vibrant future for our community...

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Safe and secure neighborhoods

Whether its drugs and gang violence on our streets or at a McDonalds, a medical emergency, or a tragic accident on one of our roads, we need competent fire, police, and EMT services available 24/7...

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Financial Accountability

Neil understands budgets, personnel management, problem solving, goal setting, and long-term strategic planning. These are the skills he brings to the table; these are the skills he’ll use to get Methuen back on track.  

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Economic Opportunity

Neil understands that good jobs and strong businesses are essential to a vibrant community.  That’s why he’s committed to making Methuen a destination for new and existing business growth.

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Neil perry for mayor



Neil has a lifelong love for Methuen. And now he wants to see integrity restored to City Hall.

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Neil is a father of four, and a former teacher who spent three decades at Raytheon.

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