Focusing on Economic Strength and Opportunity

Neil's vision for Methuen:

Neil has spent more than 30 years in the private sector. He understands what drives a successful business community and he knows that good jobs are essential to a vibrant community. He believes a resurgent local economy is key to growing our tax base and expanding our ability to invest in our future. That’s exactly why he’s committed to making Methuen a destination for businesses looking to expand, entrepreneurs looking for a strong start, and consumers looking to enjoy quality services, products, entertainment, and the unique history that Methuen can offer. 

Methuen has shelves full of ‘expert studies’ on its downtown business district. While thousands of dollars have been spent seeking new and better ideas to revitalize the center of our city, most of the recommendations have been left on the table. Neil understands that we don’t need another ‘study’ to understand that vacant lots, deteriorating buildings, and empty storefronts aren’t creating opportunities – or producing needed revenue – in Methuen’s Center. He believes that vision and determination are desperately needed to turn all those good ideas into action and real accomplishments. 

In his current job, Neil leads a team that manages Raytheon’s relationship with over 10,000 suppliers across the globe - Neil understands the language of business and he knows how to achieve big goals. He’ll work with current business and professional leaders to support Methuen’s existing business community and he’ll reach out to business owners and investors to create new opportunities for our city. 

Finally, Neil understands that sometimes neither business nor government can achieve big things acting alone. He’s committed to building public-private partnerships wherever they make sense and will utilize every federal, state, and local resource to achieve transformational goals. 

Neil will use his education and vast professional experience to expand economic opportunity throughout Methuen. He’ll support current business owners, aggressively pursue new investment in our community, and will work with the community to create a bold vision for the future. He’ll work every day to achieve big goals and bring economic strength and opportunity for Methuen residents. 

As Mayor, Neil will:

Utilize Methuen’s Gateway City designation and strategic location between Interstate 93 and 495 to market Methuen as a great location for business. As Mayor, Neil will work closely with state and regional resources such as Mass Development, the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, and other public and quasi-public organizations to connect available resources – financing for capital projects, technical assistance, infrastructure improvements, and energy/environmental efficiencies – with current and prospective business opportunities. He will actively pursue federal and state grants to enhance our community and stimulate economic growth and job creation. 

Implement an ‘Action Plan’ for Methuen’s Center. Neil is tired of city leaders talking about what needs to be done to revitalize Methuen’s Center… candidates and city officials have talked about it Neil’s vision for Methuen: Community Development Focusing on Economic Strength and Opportunity for so long that no one believes it can happen. Neil disagrees – he’s going to turn that talk into action. He’s going to take the best ideas from the countless studies that have been done and change the face of Methuen’s Center. He’ll work with community groups to build on the success of events like Methuen Day to revitalize our Center and make it a destination for community spirit and economic activity. He’ll meet with current business owners to understand their needs and will work to support and assist them. And, he’ll build partnerships with developers who are willing to invest to make Methuen a destination for entertainment, business, and cultural activities.

Initiate a community-based planning process to update Methuen’s Master Plan – a blueprint for Methuen’s future growth and development. It’s been nearly 15 years since Methuen seriously considered the state of its Master Plan. Neil will implement a process that will seek extensive public input in the form of community forums, working groups, targeted outreach, and community surveys. The result will be a modern, forward-thinking blueprint for regulatory and zoning changes, land use policies, budgeting decisions, and overall goal setting for Methuen’s growing and diverse population, which proudly bears the stamp of citizen input. 

Support great schools, safe neighborhoods, reliable public services and a strong sense of community. Neil understands that economic growth and job creation is strongly linked to the residents’ quality of life. Investors and business owners look for a friendly and well-run place to invest and expand – they want to grow in a place where their employees will want to live and raise their families. Neil’s vision for integrity in local government, quality public schools, safe and secure neighborhoods, and reliable public services is central to his plan to expand our tax base, strengthen our economy, and expand job opportunities. 

Actively engage business owners in Methuen’s future by increasing communication and by building partnerships to get things done. Neil remembers when the Methuen Board of Trade was a strong and effective voice for Methuen business leaders. He’ll work to re-establish a forum that facilitates communication, decision-making, and long-term planning between city government and the Methuen business and professional community. 

Proudly serve as Methuen’s biggest and most effective cheerleader. The last year has seen Methuen suffer from one bad story after another… everything from federal and state investigations to lawsuits to conflicts of interest to budget deficits and state bailouts. Methuen needs to turn the corner with a fresh start. Neil’s commitment to good governing will allow the spotlight to return to the positive aspects of Methuen, and the people who help make it a place we can all be proud to call home.