Focusing on Green Space and Creating a Sustainable Future

Neil's vision for Methuen

If you happen to drive by Neil Perry’s home on trash day, you’ll see one of the cleanest and best organized recycling bins in the city. That’s just a small example of Neil’s commitment to protecting our environment and to making a personal difference whenever it’s possible. That’s also why Neil was so frustrated by the city’s failure to better communicate recent recycling program changes and why he’s committed to doing a better job of engaging the city in efforts to ensure a sustainable future. 

Clean air and water, welcoming public green spaces, and efficient energy utilization are all important parts of building a strong and vibrant future for our community. Whether it’s cleaning the Merrimack River, maintaining our public parks, or picking up trash in our neighborhoods, Neil’s committed to providing opportunities for all interested residents to help clean up Methuen! 

Neil will work every day to create a sustainable future for Methuen! 

As Mayor, Neil will: 

Increase green space and re-establish a city-wide tree planting program. Trees and natural spaces have many positive impacts on a city, including lower energy costs, increased property values, and cleaner air. In partnership with residents and businesses, Neil will re-establish a tree planting program in Methuen to help beautify our neighborhoods and enhance our environment. In addition, he’ll work to ensure that any new development will include trees, green space, and, where appropriate, sidewalks. 

Enhance the utilization of Methuen’s public parks by prioritizing their cleanliness and maintenance. Methuen has a wide variety of public green spaces – from small neighborhood playgrounds to Forest Lake to Grey Court State Park. Neil believes these properties should be safe, clean, and welcoming centers of neighborhood and community activity. 

Fight climate change by creating a climate resiliency plan for Methuen. The Municipality Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program in Massachusetts provides state grant funds to complete vulnerability assessments and resiliency plans for municipalities across the Commonwealth. Neil will apply for these grants and support projects that prioritize sustainable development. 

Fund proposals to clean up the Merrimack River. Neil understands that the Merrimack River is not only an opportunity for recreation and a rich source of history for Methuen, but it’s also a drinking water source. Waste continues to be discharged into the river from poor management practices. There have been needles, cars and other forms of waste polluting our river for far too long. Neil will work with our Congresswoman and state legislative delegation to craft a long-term solution to the discharge of waste from wastewater treatment facilities into the river. In addition, he will partner with the Clean River Project to fund proposals to clean up the Merrimack and ensure this water resource is clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Support sustainable infrastructure, including retrofits for municipal buildings and EV charging stations. As a new addition to the Green Communities Program, Methuen could apply for grants that will help reduce energy consumption in municipal buildings. Neil will take advantage of these opportunities and will save the city money by adopting more energy efficient technologies. 

Reinstate the Annual Methuen Clean Up. Neil believes in building community. That is why he was upset that a few years ago Methuen cancelled our Annual Clean Up Event. This event brought together people from across Methuen with a common goal to beatify our city. Neil will recreate this event to bring people together to create a community that makes us all proud. #cleanupmethuen