Rebuilding a Sense of community... With Trust, Respect, & Co

Neil's vision for Methuen:

Neil Perry was born in Methuen, began his career in Methuen, raised his four children in Methuen, and has a long history of volunteering his time to the community. Neil believes in Methuen! 

Neil never expected to run for public office. In fact, he hasn’t participated in most local elections preferring community action to politics. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been consistently involved in the life of our community. He began his career as a Methuen public school teacher. As a student, he worked summers in the city’s recreational programs, he coached children’s softball, and he served as president of St. Theresa’s softball league. Neil was a member of the Board of the Methuen Historical Society and held a leadership position in Methuen’s highly successful Festival of Trees, stepping down only to focus his attention to our city. 

A successful executive, Neil is running for Mayor because he loves Methuen. He’s heartbroken that personal political agendas, conflicts of interest, and negativity have left our city struggling and many of our neighbors angry. He’s committed to listening to everyone, to establishing trust between our local government and the citizens of the community, and to building public and private partnerships to accomplish big goals. Neil is determined to overcome negativity with mutual respect, collaboration, and sound decision-making.

Neil will work every day as your representative to re-build a strong and vibrant community!

As Mayor, Neil will:

Show up and be involved. Neil’s door will be open at City Hall. More importantly, he’ll be accessible throughout the city… at neighborhood meetings, academic and sporting contests, business meetings, and special events. He knows the community is angry and has lost trust in our local government. And, since he knows that actions speak louder than words, Neil with show up, listen, and get involved!

Encourage volunteerism and recognize community leaders. Neil has been an active volunteer in Methuen; he’s worked with countless people to give back to the community. He knows the value of volunteers and he knows the importance of expressing appreciation to those who get involved. He’s committed to building a volunteer appreciation program that recognizes those who step up for Methuen and fostering a spirit of all that’s good in Methuen. 

Utilize technology and social media to increase transparency and enhance communication between City Hall and individual citizens. Neil believes the city’s website should be more than a static source of information. He will update the site to enable individuals to ask questions and report problems and he’ll make it someone’s job to respond to those contacts. More importantly, he’ll build that system to be totally transparent – everyone will see who’s reaching out to the city and how your government is responding. Honest and timely responses, and an overall commitment to accountability will help build trust, respect, and confidence one person at a time!

Work with community groups to build strong neighborhoods. Neil has a goal… he’d like to use the influence and resources of the city to encourage the creation of up to 10 new neighborhood groups over the next four years. He wants to harness the energy and talent of the people of our city to build a more vibrant and caring community. If people are going to trust and respect our local government, they must be engaged in decision making and help build the future of our city. This plan includes regularly scheduled “townhall” type sessions in our neighborhoods to stay on top of current issues and neighborhood concerns.

Recognize the increasing diversity of Methuen. Neil understands that Methuen is a changing community. More of our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and youth sports have begun to reflect the increasing diversity of our citizens. Neil wants to embrace our diversity, ensure every citizen has a voice in our government, and build a community of opportunity for everyone. 

Require ‘community engagement’ as a strategic goal for every municipal department. Neil will challenge city departments to work together to engage neighborhood and civic groups… public safety, recreation, senior services, economic development, public works, and schools must all present a unified strategy to build trust and active engagement throughout the community.